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A good video game has the ability to completely immerse its players in a different reality. Our mission is to give each game the uniquely tailored localization it deserves. This is the spirit that drives our work at Altagram, day after day. We are passionate about video games and driven by the idea of contributing in the launch of a successful title. It takes passion and expertise to achieve the level of quality that will make your game different and stand out in the marketplace.

Altagram is a global multilingual game localization and audio production agency with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea. Altagram brings together a talented and passionate team with years of experience in the video game and localization industry.

We are a growing, multicultural team of 40 in-house employees, offering a full range of localization services for all video game types and genres. With over 10 years' experience in the industry and more than 3,700 game titles localized, we are a reliable partner to bring your games to a worldwide audience!