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Since 2011 Testbirds has been a pioneer in the crowd- and cloud based testing of apps, web applications, wearables and Internet of Things applications. With the support of 100 employees and 400,000 testers globally we are successfully conquering this rapidly growing international market.

Testbirds specialises in the testing of software such as apps, websites and IoT applications. The company offers various testing methods to its clients looking to optimise the user-friendliness and functionality of their digital products. With over 400,000 registered testers located in 193 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers. In addition, the IT service provider utilises cloud based technologies to support customers in the optimisation of their digital products. The combination of the two testing methods delivers a unique and extensive portfolio.

Testbirds was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser. Today, the company has 100 employees. Other than its headquarters in Munich, there is an international office in Amsterdam, franchises in Hungary and Russia and sales partners in Italy and North America.

To further expand and improve our testing services we are searching for new colleagues in our development teams. Either to improve and create new features for our responsive online platform called ‘Nest’ or to work on our Device Cloud, developing the service that enables software testing with virtual machines and with real mobile devices. We work on up-to-date code and use agile methods.

Although we are steadily growing and developing, we hold on to our startup flair. A part of that is reflected in our working environment, which promotes productivity through satisfaction.We support that through flexible working hours, home office possibilities, free fruits and beverages for the entire office amongst much more. The fundamentals of our team behaviour are stated in our Core Values: Communication, Trust & Responsibility, Commitment, Identification.